How to deal with the stainless steel slide rail rust?

AUTHOR:QINGDAO EONCRED INT'L CO., LTD.    TIME:2022-9-29 17:11:54     SOURCE:www.eoncredhardware.com

Most of the stainless steel rails in the market are made of 304 and 201 stainless steel, The slide rail of this material is generally durable and corrosion-resistant,.the oxidation resistance is in general, It won't rust. If, once a rust occurs, We need to know the rust reason.We all know that in the air, redox reactions can occur at any time, Especially in some coastal cities, as the air is more humid, And the air also contains a lot of salt spray, Rusting can very easily occur, Once that happens, Not only will it affect the use of drawers, It also affects the performance of the drawers, At this time, we need to deal with it timely.If ignore it, then it will continue to oxidi. In daily life, once the stainless steel slide rail, the surface mask is damaged, the treatment method is also very much.

    If because of iron powder stainless steel rail rust, this method is relatively simple, we just need to use a sponge and a little neutral detergent, or with soapy water gently wipe, so it is easy to rust.The second method is to wash with water, pay attention to we do not pour water directly on it, but with sandpaper or stainless steel brush to wipe, finally use water to rinse it clean, in some seaside cities, often happen stainless steel rust, of course, this method can also use the above method. Of course, in order to prevent rust again after cleaning, we still need to wipe the surface clean.

There are also very many maintenance methods for stainless steel slide rails, In our daily life, If a lot of dust is found in the stainless steel rails, Then we need to clean it up in time, Otherwise, it will cause more dust accumulation, Will affect the use of stainless steel slide rails, At this time, you can use a soft hair brush to gently wipe the dust, In terms of its daily use, If the method is not used properly, It can also affect the service life of the stainless steel slide rails, We must exert moderately when we push and pull the drawer, If forced too hard, it can also cause damage to the stainless steel rail parts, This can also affect the normal use of the drawer. So in addition to choosing the right method to use it, the most important thing is to learn to clean it regularly. 


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