How to choose Hydraulic hinge?

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About the hinge, it is actually a very common hardware product.I believe that every house has this tool. Then what problems should we consider when choosing this tool? We choose the clip on hinge need to consider more problems.For example,what’s the materials? Maybe made of cold-rolled steel, may be made of 304 stainless steel. In addition, it may also be made of 201 stainless steel, and obviously different types of materials means that the function will be different, so which material should be chosen will be better?



As to the hydraulic hinge. If it is using ordinary cold rolled steel to make, so the characteristic of the material for the toughness is bigger, then the surface looks more bright, even under the wet environment is not easy to rust. You can choose this cold roll steel products,Actually when use of cold rolled steel products due to have a better aspect, that is the cost is lower, the price is cheaper, so there are a lot of this products are made of cold rolled steel.



Besides the cold-rolled steel made out of steel, the hydraulic hinges are also made out of 304 stainless steel. The 304 stainless steel price relative to cold rolled steel will be expensive, however, the various aspects of the performance is better, such as its corrosion performance will be better, and its toughness will be better. So when we choose,need to take a look at the specific material, if it is necessary to have good corrosion resistance performance and have good bearing ability, then choose stainless steel material. if it is general requirements, then choose cold rolled steel is no problem.Some factory enterprises can produce various kinds of products, and the material is also diverse.



As a common type of hardware piece, We should also consider the other aspects, For example, what kind of shape it is,.This one is very important, If the shape is more beautiful or its shape is very mechanical, So we should do something better with this tool, we need to learn more about its exterior design, or it is necessary to understand its structural features, For example, there are some products after designed, the structure looks very stable, Very reasonable.So installing it, will have a better heavy effect, and even more flexible and convenient.




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